What are we waiting for, Armageddon?

Okay boys and girls I’m getting sick and tired of playing MR. NICE GUY!!!!!!!! From now on I’m going to carry a big stick and be ready to use it. Every single adult who has the capability to read this post had better start cranking up your Patriotic backgrounds and and bring them up to speed. If we just sit and allow this drivel to continue unchecked then what we get is what we deserve, (Complete Annihilation) Make no mistake about it, Mexico wants to run us off the continent, “Al Qaeda” wants to kill us all and the” United Nations” wants to take all our weapons from us. Sounds like to me that we need to readjust some people’s ideology. I’m all for live and let live, but it’s about wore out it’s welcome (as far as I’m concerned) in my back yard. I would like to hear somebody put forth a logical format to start a way to break up this concerted effort to destroy our country and our way of life. We have allowed ourselves to become too complacent we must all take a more active part in what our representatives do and to make sure that the will of the people is followed and not compromised.

My problem is that without a lot of support and organization by all the people we will never change any aspect of what is tearing our country apart. Someone please explain to me why we can’t just close our Southern border. Why is it that illegals can stand in our streets and protest and we don’t just put them in trucks and put them back across the border and let their people feed them. I’m getting real sick and tired of the pussyfooting our government is doing in not trying to handle this affair. I fought, I’ve paid my taxes and yet we’re the Minority? That is absolute crap. It’s time we all stood up and were counted and stop all this Bullshit . Being Politically Correct is going to destroy everything I’ve fought for and defended in this country. How do we as a country of free Americans stop this travesty? I would like some answers and this is as good a place to find out as I know. SO SPEAK UP!!!!! Why do we have to take a back seat to any minority group of people in these OUR UNITED STATES!!!! Why did 14% of the people decide that it was their wishes to have God and the Pledge of Allegiance removed from our schools? I say “Apathy” on the part of “We the People”. It’s time to get it in gear and turn that around . Who out there disagrees with me!!! Speak up or forever be a subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay your turn!!!

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