Shortcut to Victory in War on Terror

Here’s a little quiz:  Which countries, in order of importance, need to change if we are to win the War on Terror?  Here is my list, in descending order:

  1. Iran–The number one terrorist regime in the world, bent on getting nuclear weapons, with proxy armies int he form of Hezbollah and Hamas, led by one of the criminals who engineered the U.S. hostage crisi, an unrepentant anti-Jewish, anti-American Nazi.
  2. Saudi Arabia–They are not our friends.  Saudi is the ideological capital of Islamofascism.  Even the Saudi Ambassador to the United States supports bigoted, hateful, anti-Western Saudi textbooks, which are the bibles of extremism in the Muslim world.  The Royal Family needs to be deposed and replaced with a benevolent dictator, for starters, like the Shah of Iran, and then with democracy.  Wahhabism (the most rabidly radical Islamic sect) needs to be wiped off the face of the planet.
  3. North Korea–Nukes or not, eventually, we will have to take them down.  But North Korea can wait.  For now, we have to take care of the more immediate problems (1 and 2, above).  If we are able to do this, there is a good possibility–not great, but good–that North Korea will see the handwriting on the wall and pull a Khadaffi.
  4. Syria–That fascist state will collapse of its own weight once Iran falls.  Or, we and the Israelis can take them out; their choice.  Assad and his military leaders need to change or die.

There is a host of other countries to deal with, one way or another:  Pakistan; Somalia; Palestine (not really a country, and it, too, will collapse once its sponsors are eliminated).  But the Big Four, the nexus of the Axis of Evil are the main ones.  (And if you don’t believe it; note that Iranians were present to witness North Korea’s provocative missile tests.)  If we change the Big Four, the War on Terror is shortened from decades to only a few years of mopping up.

In overreaching, the Iranians and their proxy armies have presented us with a golden opportunity.  We need to join the Israelis and take the war all the way to Tehran.  We won’t have another chance like this again.

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