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Wiggle your toes...
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J. D. Pendry

We live in a changing world in more ways than many of us could even comprehend only short years ago. I expect that most people who read this electronic publication have some Internet acquaintances. Someone you met on the web and with whom you have regular electronic conversations and feel as though you have come to know them even though you have never spoken face to face. I have accumulated quite a few over the years. One of them was Bill Faith, the founder and webmaster of Old War Dogs. It was Bill and others who invited me to post at OWD. I returned from a short absence sadly to read email informing me that Bill answered the final recall following a heart attack. Bill was passionate in his beliefs and his support of Veterans and serving men and women. As God wraps his arms around you Bill, stand tall knowing that your earthly mission was completed.

Now about that title. Since the day before Christmas Eve, my most prominent view has of been of an elevated foot with toes sticking out of bandages and a splint. On that day, I managed to shatter a heel bone. If you are curious, it is a major ouch. The injury required surgical reconstruction of the heel bone, which I had last week. I spent two nights in the hospital. Each time there was a shift change at the hospital, the new nurse would come in and ask me to wiggle my toes, block my view and ask me to tell her which toe she was tickling and then give me a listening to through the stethoscope.

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Posted by: Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET

In April of 2002 I suffered a compression fracture of the T-9 vertabrae. It was a freak accident in my yard. When the wife got me to the ER and they took pictures, things happened fast. The x-ray doc said tell 'em to bring a board. Then there was the MRI and a check for internal bleeding. After I got admitted for observation and was taken to a room, I got the little inflate/deflate bags over the lower legs and shots to prevent clotting. Those Hurt. And I had three meals actually fed to me because they would not let me sit up. The Trauma chief paid me a visit the next morning and told me how lucky I was. I said to define "luck" She said that it did not require surgery and if that had happened I would have been hard down until November/December. Being in a torso brace for three and a half months was't a lot of fun but it did beat the alternative. And I was able to go back to work after two months. Building corporate jets is not really physically demanding but the brace did prove to be somewhat of an aggravation. I even got a few pokes from a needle in the toes to make sure I had feeling.
Just relating a similar experience.

Posted by: Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET | Jan 25, 2009 3:57:29 AM

Posted by: JD Pendry

A coment from a subscriber, Mr. Will Estes. Mr. Estes occasionally sends me a condescending liberal email. He feels that my 28 years of military service was little more than me sucking off the government tit and that the benefits earned as a result amount to no more than welfare. I called Mr. estes a complete idiot.

Greetings J.D.

So sorry to hear about your heel problem.. I do hope that with your military retirement plan that the VA. hospital was ready …waiting and was there for you. Of course this is a benefit that is a social program to the people who served this great country as you did..
Also I am sure you receive a monthly retirement pay check from the U.S. Government for you years of service to this wonderful country. Of course that again is another social program given freely by the tax payers for your service..
I do remember you stating you have over 20 years in the military, I thank you for that, I also believe the taxpayer gladly paid you for that service with pay increases ..cost of living or promotions… Again the military is just another socialized program to take care of the men and women such as yourself for doing the service you have provided..
So J.D. what confuses me about your statements, is here you are a man who has totally lives off the U.S. Government over 2/3s of your life and we the taxpayer gladly support you and still do to this day. Yet, this country is in great need to be stimulated and the towns, cities and states are in great need of rebuilding … You are asked to support your country and your fellow Americans if this lifting up and made strong once again..
I hope you recover from your heel issue, I also you recover from being a heel yourself, since you are a man who has gained and are where you are today because of your ability to suck off this governments tit, most of your life and still do… One should not complain about the taxpayer and government ability to take care of there own.. When you Sir are one of those we gratefully take care of.

I wish you well

Posted by: JD Pendry | Jan 25, 2009 1:46:39 PM