Thursday, 04 December 2008
I think I may be done blogging for good
Contributed by Bill Faith

I know I'm done doing daily roundups like I used to; you're just as capable as I am of surfing the net looking for important news. Fat lot of good they did anyway. Those of you who frequent this site would have voted the right way anyway and the hell with those of you who didn't. I might or might not eventually feel the urge to round up some links and comment on some particular subject now and then but for now it feels good just sitting back and relaxing and not trying to meet any sort of deadlines. I think it's called "burnout."

Fellow Dogs, I am not resigning my position as webmaster. I'll keep paying the rent just like I always have and keeping an eye on the site. If you run into any problems I might be able to help with don't hesitate to write.

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Posted by: old trooper

It is that Day of Infamy that our Fathers took as their call to duty.
Just thought that I would throw that your way. Since they are not teaching real History in the schools anymore, I reckon that America will soon forget Korea and Vietnam as well. Veterans are just old and in the way now. A sad consequence of letting the Liberals get control of the schools here.

Ain't we special for remembering.

Take Care Bill!

Posted by: old trooper | Dec 7, 2008 10:13:45 AM

Posted by: Old Trooper

Bill, wishing You & Yours a Merry Christmas and a safe & prosperous New Year

Posted by: Old Trooper | Dec 23, 2008 12:16:58 PM