Sunday, 30 November 2008
Tell me again about that National Security Force….
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J. D. Pendry

What do you think about the Russian analyst who predicted the demise and breakup of the United States? I have news for him. The breakup of the United States was completed the day that being a Hyphenated-American became more important than being just an American. I needed to clear that thought from my mind before moving on.

I recently scanned an article in a paper produced by a professional military association. It talked about the President-elect and what the military and veterans should expect from him. What the article amounted to was a regurgitation of talking points provided to them by a political campaign. I was rather disappointed.

One political statement made by President-elect Obama, or campaign promise, whichever way you choose to characterize it, concerns me a great deal. It should concern everyone.

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Posted by: Smorgasbord

This reminds me of a story Blackfive did about Charlie Rangel wanting to reintroduce the draft. Blackfive thought it was a stupid idea. I am with Charlie Rangel on this one. My post to Blackfive explains it.

I agree with Charlie Rangel. He and I are looking to how it will be in the future. I know what he is thinking and I have thought about this too. Let's take it step by step:

(1) Obama is inaugurated.

(2) He cuts military funding like the democrats have wanted since Bill Clinton.

(3) He keeps his promise of reducing our nukes so other countries will be EMBARRASSED and reduce theirs.
(4) The people in the military can see what's coming, and don't reenlist.

(5) The countries that were supposed to reduce their nukes do so. They thought a good place to get rid of them would be the USA, England, Israel, etc.

(6) Nobody wants to fight under the incumbent Commander And Chief because he allowed this to happen.
(7) Congress debates whether to enact the draft again.

(8) Millions of people are dieing while this is going on.

(9) Congress finally OKs the draft.

(10) The Commander And Chief and Congress hope it isn't too late.

I think Charlie Rangel sees the same future I do and want's to be ready for it. Of course he is also planning how to convince the public that this all happened because of George Bush, and if the democrats had control of Congress all along this never would have happened. But on seeing the future, I think he nailed this one square on the head and drove it in. He sees the same future as I do.

If there is anything left, I guess the National Security Force will be in charge of it. At least until we are finally invaded, and we don't have anything left to fight with.

Posted by: Smorgasbord | Jan 19, 2009 10:45:52 PM