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Critics of U.S. global dominance should pause and consider the alternative. If the United States retreats from its hegemonic role, who would supplant it? Not Europe, not China, not the Muslim world—and certainly not the United Nations. Unfortunately, the alternative to a single superpower is not a multilateral utopia but the anarchic nightmare of a new Dark Age.


Certainly, one can imagine the world’s established powers—the United States, Europe, and China—retreating into their own regional spheres of influence. But what of the growing pretensions to autonomy of the supranational bodies created under U.S. leadership after the Second World War? The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization (formerly the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) each considers itself in some way representative of the “international community.” Surely their aspirations to global governance are fundamentally different from the spirit of the Dark Ages. ...

Violent deaths in Iraq in August were less than of one-third of what they were in July, USA Today reports. But the Washington Post doesn't want its readers to know this. Rather, the Post wants to focus only on statistics that paint a picture of unmitigated disaster. How else to explain this highly one-sided and glaringly incomplete story by Ann Scott Tyson?

Tyson uses the release of a Pentagon report on events of the past three months to tell her misleading tale. That report shows that this period was the most violent in two years. Tyson gloats that the report is "consistent with what news media have reported for months," adding that the Pentagon now is acknowledging "trends that are widely believed to be driving the country toward full-scale civil war."

These opening paragraphs are so slanted it's hard to know where to begin. ...

    David Schraub points to a strange column by David Warren that sounds like a demand for Christian or even Wsetern martyrdom regardless of one's own personal beliefs. Warren excoriates Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig for going through a mock conversion to Islam as a means of escaping their kidnappers:

    Lately I have been looking at the large -- at how the West is proving unable to cope with a threat from a fanatical Islamic movement, that it ought to be able to snuff out with fair ease. (See my column last Sunday.) But the large is often most visible in the small.

    The state of Massachusetts almost murdered her. They deemed her "virtually brain-dead," in a "vegetative state," and not worth saving. Now, she is "bright-eyed and smiling," responsive, and speaking a few words. Update from ....

              Why Remember Haleigh Poutre?
              Dan Riehl

    I first posted on the Haleigh Poutre case here as a crime story.

    This case hasn't received extensive coverage, though it has had some .. perhaps that's because it is so sad.

    Beaten into a coma by her stepfather, they've removed Haleigh's breathing tube and now she is breathing on her own. However, I don't believe that was the plan ... they are going to let her die.

    And the bastard that beat her is fighting it because it means a murder charge for him. Or, would he have us believe he's a right to lifer?

    God, so sad.

    I don't approach cases where the state holds judgment over one's ability to be kept alive through artificial means from a hard ideological perspective.  I approach them from the perspective of a humanist with an appreciation for how the state's judgment can often be flawed.

    As you probably know, an American anti-missile missile successfully intercepted an incoming target fired from Alaska yesterday. It was a big step toward a fully operational missile defense system. [You mean it is possible to hit a bullet with another bullet after all? Ed.: Apparently so.] The test was intended to simulate the final stage of a missile fired from North Korea. The North Koreans immediately took offense:

              North Korea Understands The Significance
              Ed Morrissey

    North Korea reacted as one would expect: unhappily. The demonstration of our missile defense "clearly shows that it is the U.S. which is increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula and threatening war against our country." Kim pledged to continue work on his TD-2 to increase DPRK's "self-defensive deterrent", which in Orwellian Newspeak means offensive nuclear weapons capabilities.

    On Tuesday, Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin warned of the growing threats to Israel's security emanating from the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria in the aftermath of the latest war. If the proper steps are not taken to stop the massive transfers of advanced armaments to Gaza, he warned, in just a few years, it will turn into a second south Lebanon.

    A year after the largest combat loss for Naval Special Warfare since D-Day, two members of the SR element that battled an estimated 50-100 taliban near Asadabad, Afghanistan will posthumously receive the nation's second highest award for valor.  On September 13, 2006, the families of PO2 Matthew Axelson and PO2 Danny Dietz will be presented the Navy Cross in a ceremony at the US Navy memorial in Washington DC. 


    Rumor has it that Lt. Murphy is under consideration for the Congressional Medal of Honor. ... It is pretty much accepted in the SEAL community that the One is entitled to the CMH, but the requirement that the acts of valor be witnessed personally excludes him since he was the mission's sole survivor.

              Thank you, Lord, for giving us such men.

    Al Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahri released a new video today calling for Americans to convert to Islam. Joining him was an American member of the group, Adam Yehiye Gadahn.

    Al-Qaida’s deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri issued a new videotape Saturday along with a man identified as an American member of the terror network, inviting Americans to convert to Islam. The 41-minute video, posted on an Islamic militant Web site nine days before the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, had footage of al-Zawahri and a man the video identified as Adam Yehiye Gadahn, an American who the FBI believes attended al-Qaida training camps in Pakistan and served as an al-Qaida translator. ...

              Al-Qaida Releases New Video Inviting Americans To Convert

              New Al-Qaeda Tape & Democratic Talking Points

              al-Qaeda Traitor Adam Gadahn In The News

              New Al Qaeda Tape Tells Americans to Convert to Islam

              New Al Qaeda Tape Urges Americans To Convert To Islam

              Our Very Own Lord Haw Haw

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. point man with North Korea will urge Asian powers to end arms-related trade with Pyongyang as ordered by the U.N. on a tour of the region next week, U.S. officials say. ...

    An Army investigator has recommended the death penalty for four soldiers accused of murder during a raid in Iraq. ...

    Everyone on all sides in Israel now agrees that if new elections are held anytime soon -- as opposed to 2010, the next scheduled date -- Ehud Olmert and his Kadima party will lose big, along with their coalition partner Labor; the big winners will be Likud and other conservative parties. Thus, Olmert will do anything to delay new elections. ...

    ...Is to admit you have a problem. And danged if the Washington Post hasn't done just exactly that and even begun to grope towards mental health. ,,,

    Just a thought... I don't believe the United States has ever fought a war, incursion, conflict, police action, or any other military engagement against an enemy that actually obeyed the Geneva-Convention rules of warfare. Not one that I can think of, at least. ... The conventions are a farce. If we end up going to war with Great Britain or Luxembourg, we can always negotiate a quick side-agreement to abide by those or any other laws of civilized warfare. And if, as is more likely, we go to war with a country like Iran, then our compliance won't make any differenct to its behavior anyway. ...

    Or, Sen. Harry Reid Demands America Declare Defeat and Go Home ... The wires and the antique media are abuzz with the report they've been salivating for; here are their headlines: ...

    • Aren't they beautiful? When I was five I decided to grow up and be a Fireman. At eight I realized what I really wanted to be was an F-86 Pilot. Then I graduated to F-100s and eventually F-4s. The dream died in '68. Just one more case of a stupid kid letting the wrong head do the thinking. "Sir, Cadet 4th Class Faith, 721805K, screwing up as not ordered, sir!"  ...  Aren't they beautiful?

    The Navy has handed a letter of counseling to a Naval Academy instructor who once faced court-martial for using salty language in front of a female midshipman.

              Not your father's Navy any more.

    CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee — An illegal immigrant who has been arrested previously on drug and firearms charges and deported seven times Friday pleaded not guilty to illegally re-entering the United States.

              Sounds to me like time to hang the son of a bitch and be done with it.

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