Tuesday, 01 August 2006
Dirka dirka Mohammed Dura 2
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The Parade of Dead Children
Heidi Thiess

The use of dead children for propaganda is nothing new for Islamofascists. Pallywood immortalized one such hoax, known around the world as poor, pathetic Muhommed al-Dura; and the Islamist propaganda machine churns overtime to push the emotional buttons of the Western psyche. By staging dramatic video footage of dead women and children, or better yet, a young pregnant women (a two-fer), they know that with the Western media’s help, they can drum up weeks’ worth of manufactured outrage and condemnation on behalf of their terrorist cause.


In Qana, a building collapsed and Hezbollah is claiming that the majority killed were children. Those numbers have not been confirmed and I am loathe to take the terrorists’ word for it. Nevertheless, the media greedily gobbles up the drama - because “if it bleeds, it leads.” To that end, the media is displaying one heartbreaking photo after another of rescue workers carrying dead children in front of cameras. It is eerily familiar to Americans as the poses are very close replicas of the real life photos of the Oklahoma City bombing victims.

There’s only one problem - the photos are staged. The bodies of a few children were recycled for photo ops over a several hour period.

[Do read the whole thing. It's excellent.]

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