Thursday, 10 August 2006
Authorities Break Up Major Terror Plot In Britain - Post 2
Contributed by Bill Faith

Continuation of Authorities Break Up Major Terror Plot In Britain. I should have started a new post sooner; moving the last few links from that one to this one.

CQ: British Shut Down Heathrow As Terror Attack Thwarted

It Shines For All: Plot To Blow Up Planes To America, 'Mass Murder on an Unimaginable Scale'

Andrew Cochran: London Airline Bombing Plot News (updated)


OTB: British Mega-9/11 Foiled (***Ongoing***) (Video Added)

SeeDubya: GROUNDHOG DAY: Bojinka Again (Updated)

Sean Hackbarth: Terrorist Attacks Thwarted; Air Travel Disrupted

Dan Riehl: Ohio, Egypt and Britain?


Terror in the Skies: Brit Plot is Operation Bojinka All Over Again; Tied to Dearbornistan Terrorists Arrested in Ohio? Islamic Jihad Link
Debbie Schlussel

Liquid bombs on flights brought on by homegrown Muslims. Cellphone and electronic detonators. Here we go again.

Those are the details of the hijacking and bombing plot for multiple flights from Britain to the U.S., announced last night. But it shouldn't be news. More like a "Groundhog Day" repetition.

Last night, I wrote about Osma Sabhi Abulhassan & Ali Houssaiky, 2 Dearbornistan boys who were caught with flight passenger info and details on airport security checkpoints. They also admitted to buying 600 cellphones and extracting the chips from them, used as detonators for bombs.

[Read on here. btw, that's the first I'd heard about using cell-phone chips to set off bombs, but it makes sense.]


Islamists still trying to blow up planes
Uncle Jimbo

I wish the US public had an attention span longer than 15 minutes, because the movie about the World Trade Center almost completely omits the reason the buildings fell down. It wasn't an earthquake it was deranged religious fanatics murdering their way to paradise. I assume Oliver Stone, after an agonizing internal struggle, decided that to be fair he would not show Dick Cheney with his finger on a button dropping the buildings with demo, but neither would he show any of the Islamist swine actually responsible. Well shockingly the jihadis are still hard at work


I also hope that incidents like this remind people of the global and pervasive nature of our enemy. They are everywhere and they are in this for the long haul. ...

[Read on.]

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