Sunday, 09 July 2006
Schlussel: AQ train-plot mastermind linked to Hezbollah, too
Contributed by Bill Faith

Had Strong Detroit Hezbollah, Palestinian Ties

By Debbie Schlussel

Assem Hammoud, the ringleader of the Al-Qaeda plot to bomb several New York City tunnels and murder thousands of commuters, had strong ties to Detroit. And to Hezbollah.

Several of Hammoud's relatives in Detroit--most of whom share his surname--have been indicted in a series of Hezbollah schemes, including money laundering, cigarette smuggling, black marketeering, and a series of other illegal activities all aimed at funding Hezbollah. Hammouds convicted in cigarette smuggling include Mohamad and Chawki Hammoud (see here, also), Bassem Hammoud, and others--all of them from the Detroit Hezbollah Hammoud syndicate.

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